Secureworks’ Journey to Building a Mature Cloud Financial Management Practice

Dave Bushell, IT Sr. Director, Cloud and Infrastructure Services at Secureworks
Steve Dion, IT Director, Cloud and Infrastructure Service at Secureworks

The Cloud can be exciting and empowering but potentially expensive and out of control. Learn how Secureworkswas able to focus on culture change to transform a multi-million dollar capital budget into a cost-optimized and accountability focused operating model. Sr. IT Director Dave Bushell and IT Director Steve Dion will walk you through Secureworks’ journey to creating an internal FinOps practice as part of their Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE). They’ll talk about the resources used to educate cloud organization, the tools and partnerships necessary to enable them for success, and real-world examples of savings and efficiency achieved. With a mature FinOps practice, you can grow and transform your business by leveraging the public cloud – without breaking the bank!

*This session was previously recorded at CloudLIVE Virtual, the industry’s leading multicloud conference.